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May 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Alongside updating the website and this new blog I have been busy finalising the details of my new Newborn Lifestyle session.  It had been a kernel of an idea floating around for a while when I happened upon a article about a photographer who offers this and the advantages it has over the more known about sleepy posed session (my Newborn Standard). I am not intending to stop offering the standard session - I love those sleepy babies - but I am sometimes asked for the more elaborate props or poses and, whilst I admire all the photographers out there that have honed this art form, I am finding my own style is developing towards less prop and more baby. There is definitely room in my photography for the baby art shots, and I'm happy to include numerous blankets, hats, baskets and crates but I also want to offer a more candid image.

The Newborn Lifestyle will have some semi-posed shots, maybe baby lying in its crib or in the middle of the bed, but ultimately it's about capturing the emotions and connections the family make with their new baby in the early days. And talking of those very early days - more flexible timing is another advantage.

The Newborn Standard session is really best taken when baby is less than two weeks old. They sleep more, are still curled up and flexible and haven't yet had too many skin reactions. However, I am aware that getting yourself dressed, let alone out of the house, within two weeks of giving birth is a full on challenge! With the Newborn Lifestyle session timing isn't as important. We aren't trying to keep baby asleep, or curled up neatly in a basket, we are just following your baby's natural rhythms. I will photograph feeding, changing, bathing, cuddling - whatever happens during the time I am there.  

Despite my dreams and desires to own a studio, my Newborn Standard sessions mostly take place in my home - normally the conservatory which has lovely light. Although I like to think my home is welcoming it is not the familiar family home with all your own comforts and all your baby bits to hand. When I come to you for the Newborn Lifestyle session you can relax and just get on with bonding with your baby. I will bring the minimum of equipment and photograph as unobtrusively as I can. Being in your own home also means the rest of the family can be involved. With the best will in the world my conservatory struggles with the whole family and for that reason I try to limit the Newborn Standard session to mum and baby only, or at the most both parents. This has advantages and disadvantages - it gives mum and baby a few hours together and you get some fabulous images of your new son or daughter. Young children and waiting patiently in someone else's house don't naturally go together so having a session just for baby keeps everything as calm and unhurried as possible. However, mum may be unable to drive (after a C section maybe) meaning someone will need to bring her. This in turn can throw up childcare issues. It also means that the rest of the family may feel they are missing out or you may actually love some photos of the whole family. The Newborn Lifestyle session is about family. Whether that is just mum and baby or includes siblings is up to you. It may be that granny drops by or the kids get fed up and go out to play. It's your home and your family - although I would probably discourage large numbers of visitors during the session, just because it could eat into your session time and reduce the number of images we manage to capture.

So whether you love the baby art type images and want beautiful (and cute!) photos on your wall of your new one sleeping peacefully, still in his/her foetal position, or you want images of your new little one surrounded by his/her brothers and sisters all piled on your bed just like Sunday mornings, I now have a session that will suit. 

There is more information on the Newborns by TDP tab or on my Newborns by Trudie Davidson Photography Facebook page and I'm giving £25 off the first Newborn Lifestyle session that goes into the diary! 


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