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Newborns is a part of Trudie Davidson Photography providing a special service for new babies and their families.  

Trudie Davidson Photography began to create beautiful images shot on location mostly using natural light. Having been asked to take some photographs of my clients' newborn babies it soon became clear that they needed a whole different service - not least because the chances of our weather being warm enough to take a few-days-old half-naked baby out into the middle of field are fairly remote!  Hence Newborns by Trudie Davidson Photography was - well - born!  

Over time I have found that many parents, either for medical reasons or just because life with a newborn is stupidly crazy, find getting out of the house before the '2-week old' deadline for the more 'posed' sessions difficult. Not only this but my preferred style over the past few years has begun to lean towards less posing and props and more just baby. With this in mind I am now offering my Natural Newborn session:

The first few days of a newborn's life can be a hazy memory for new sleep-deprived parents, and yet it is a fleeting time crammed full of precious moments that deserve to be treasured for years to come.  

Crying, yawning, cuddling, feeding or sleeping - emotions and connections are made as you welcome your baby into the family. This lovely relaxed session will try to capture them all, and in the familiar surroundings of his or her new home.

Sessions will be quiet and relaxed over a couple of hours. I will come with the minimum of equipment and photograph those magical moments as you bond with your new son or daughter. We may use your lounge, master bedroom and almost certainly the nursery, anywhere you and the baby are comfortable and there is good natural light.

All images will be taken as unobtrusively and naturally as possible and processed simply using muted colours and classic black and white.

My Natural Newborn session is designed to capture that special 'newborn newness' any time up to about 6 weeks.

The Natural Newborn session price is £150 and includes approximately 10-15 images fully edited and available in high resolution to download and print as you wish. I also offer some beautifully designed print options including photo-books and birth announcement cards and prices are available on request.

Whilst booking during pregnancy is advisable it is not always necessary so please message me if you have recently had your baby and may be interested in a session.